Why Is Dry Dog Food a Good Alternative For a Messy Eater?

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Some dogs are tidy eaters. They hoover up their food and leave their bowls so clean that you can hardly tell that there was any food in there in the first place. However, some dogs are just the opposite. Messy eaters don't eat all their food; they also spread some of it far and wide around their food bowl.

If you're tired of cleaning up your kitchen after your dog's meals, you can consider switching your pet food to a dry mix. How will this make things better?

Your Dog Makes Less Mess

If a messy eating dog eats wet food, then they spread mushy food all around their bowl. Wet food splats and spreads when it is thrown out of a dog bowl. Spots and drips of gooey brown food and its liquids won't give your kitchen a good look. Wet food is a chore to clean up, especially once it starts to dry and set. You might have to wipe down your floor, cupboards, walls and even the dog itself after every meal if you have a really over enthusiastic eater. This isn't a pleasant job and it's a hassle you don't need multiple times a day.

If you feed your dog dry food, then cleaning up is less of a chore. Your dog may still throw its food out of the bowl, but this food is easily cleaned up. Dry food doesn't stick to surfaces or to your floor. It'll fall off walls and cupboards. It won't even mess up your dog's face or coat. You just need to brush up the debris and throw it away.

Your Dog May Clean Up For You

Your dog isn't going to deal with any mess left over after eating wet food unless it spots a juicy morsel on the floor. It won't care if it's left a trail of juices or spots of food all over your kitchen. However, it may do some cleaning up work if it spots pieces of dry food around its bowl. Once it's emptied the bowl, it'll probably hoover up whatever it can see on the floor. If you have a greedy dog, then you won't have any cleaning to do at all.

If you think you might try a switch to dry dog food, look at different brands and products. It's important to find a food that gives your dog the same kind of nutrients it gets from its current wet food.


26 February 2019

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